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What?!? I have a blog???

Wow- you would think by the looks of it, that I have not been regularly updating this blog. Well- you would absolutely be correct. I have been spending my yarny time delving down the color-carousel, working on new concoctions- that is for sure. I have also been working on patterns that I plan to update on this website in the near future. A DK weight covered mitten will soon be on its way!!! (See picture). This was created in a color palette specifically for my dear daughter, which will also be released at the same time as the mitten pattern!

Speaking of the color palette, I just released another colorway called “Sunflower” this weekend. It is comprised of a combination of earthy and bright yellows and greens, with specks of dark brown to represent the seeds of this beautiful flower. My long term goal is to produce an earthy collection specific for matching tones of color found in nature. Currently I have two different colorways that are apart of the earthy collection; “Lemongrass” and the new “Sunflower”. (pictured below)

If you have any suggestion as to what would be a good direction for the earthy colorways- tell me in the comments below.

As for this blog- I would definitely like to produce more updates to inform everybody of what is going on with S&K. S&K continues to be a passion project, which allows me a creative outlet in my busy life of family and career. I am grateful for what I have in this endeavor. I enjoy interacting with other knitters of the world and find knitting and dyeing a rewarding activity that brings me joy and relaxation. Until next time- Happy Knitting! Jason

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  1. I love the mittens!! They are so beautiful! I would love a brown/honey color. Evergreen, pumpkin orange, sage green. I love earthy colors!! I look forward to reading your blog!!

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