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Story/No Story, New Colorways and the Knitty Gritty

For those who have been following my Instagram or Facebook posts this weekend will know I have been putting a lot of new colorways out into the world this weekend. This in part is because I have a confession to make……. I have been holding back. I dye and dye and dye because I enjoy dyeing, however, I don’t always have the time to upload the colorways that I enjoy making. This, in part, is because of how I started Scribbles and Knits with pairing each colorway with a story. I enjoy adding stories to colorways, however, I also love dyeing for the sake of making something fun and beautiful; a piece of art.

Well, I have decided to give myself “permission” to upload beautiful colorways, even if I can’t think of, or have time to think of, an inspiring story to go with the yarn. Stories are not going away, however, I am giving myself permission to think of them as separate necessities in my creative ream of inner-being. I write without making a colorway, so why can’t I make a colorway without writing. Many wouldn’t make a dilemma like this stop them, but I just needed timed to process through this fairly mundane decision. Below are some of my new colorways… and there are still more to come!!!

Also- I have started a new Plaid-i-pus collection. In the past week I have released “Mystical Plaid-i-pus” and “Punch Drunk Love Plaid-i-pus”, both beautiful, variegated colorways!

As for the KnittyGritty, I have been working on a pair of fingerless mittens for a family member whose hands are getting cold this winter. Personally, I believe this is the first year that I have been this disgruntled about the weather. I used to like the cold, and not particularly the hot summer. As the cold bothers me more, my time of year that is opportune for comfort is dwindling. Maybe this is why people move to Arizona. : ).

Fingerless Mittens In “By My Side”

For this fingerless glove pattern, I used the colorway “By My Side” in my Super Squishy Sock base. This is a pattern that I will hopefully write up in the next month or 2 and put on the website. The stitch count made some nice pooling with this colorway. My experience with pooling vs spiraling has been that it completely depends on the stitch count per row. If I had made this a little smaller with fewer stitches, or a little bigger with more stitches, the colorway would have wrapped itself in a spiraling pattern. Either way- I am happy with how it is turning out and I believe these will make a great gift- as would any knitting gift (IMHO)! Until next time- keep an eye for more colorways at, or on Instagram and Facebook.

Have a peace-filled week. – Jason – Scribbles and Knits Fibers

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