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Knitting Meets CPAP

While sharing this post feels somewhat personal, it also opens up a topic in which I might be able to help others. That personal note is that I use a CPAP. I have used one for 2 years- and honestly- did not even realize how bad of sleep I was getting from sleep apnea until I rested through the night with this awesome machine. I know some complain about using theirs- but not me. It has made a great difference in my fatigue. Now that we got that personal note out of the way- what does CPAP have to do with knitting?!? Well- I have discovered over the years that some of the strapping and plastic tubing feels somewhat plastic-like, or silicone-ish on my face. So I decided to do something about it.

I created sleeves for my CPAP tubing. As you can see, I used one of my many favorite colorways- Deceptive Magic for this project. Not only does it create a unique and creative flare to the mask, but it honestly feels great as a soft and absorbing interface against, well, my face.

If you are looking for a pattern- it is as simple as casting on 10 stitches (with DK Weight, 14-16 stitches with fingering), splitting them and joining them using magic loop with 5 stitches (7-8) on the front and 5 stitches (7-8) on the back of the loop. And just as if you were making the worlds smallest hat, begin knitting in the round. Continue until you reach the desired length and then bind of the stitches using a lose bind-off. Then, simply slips it over the mask tubing. 1 inch tubing works well for the mask, while a 1.5 inch tubing would work well for the actual CPAP tubing. If your tubing is larger- add a few extra stitches. I finished the above set in a short evening.

If you use a CPAP or know of a loved one who does, this could be a nice bonus gift or a simple- “hey-try this out and tell me if you want me to knit you more” project. A soft merino wool feels so much more comfortable against my skin and has kept me from feeling swampy compared to the plastic-silicone feel that I was experiencing before. Also- as is recommended with my CPAP equipment- I believe regularly washing this will help keep it clean for my face and reinvigorate the softness of the wool over time.

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