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Favorite Part(s) of Dyeing Yarn?!?

This venture of dyeing yarn has been a fun and explorative sort of journey. Aside from finding the right balance of color combination and layering (which I find extremely rewarding), it has also been a fun activity of building different stories or themes around each colorway of IMG_1777 2yarn. It is not uncommon for indie dyers to name their yarn a unique name, but one thing that I like to do is provide a narrative of the story that each colorway builds upon.

In many ways this makes the colorway personal to me. I don’t necessarily want each buyer to feel that they have to keep the story that I give this yarn. It really is the beauty of it all. That while each colorway might speak to my own novel (fiction or non-fiction- I enjoy both genre’s), it may also provide another person the opportunity to create their own story around the colorway of the yarn.

While I know this may be a little to “artsy fartsy” for some, in fact for me, it is definitely an area of, well,  joyfulness. Throughout so much of my day I make connections with other people. This form of making something so that somebody else can enjoy it too is just another way that I am able to make these connections. The knitting community has been and continues to be a supportive community in my experience- both locally and on the interwebs. I want to continue to foster these connection in the art that is knitting.

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