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Story/No Story, New Colorways and the Knitty Gritty

For those who have been following my Instagram or Facebook posts this weekend will know I have been putting a lot of new colorways out into the world this weekend. This in part is because I have a confession to make……. I have been holding back. I dye and dye and dye because I enjoy dyeing, however, I don’t always have the time to upload the colorways that I enjoy making. This, in part, is because of how I started Scribbles and Knits with pairing each colorway with a story. I enjoy adding stories to colorways, however, I also love dyeing for the sake of making something fun and beautiful; a piece of art.

Well, I have decided to give myself “permission” to upload beautiful colorways, even if I can’t think of, or have time to think of, an inspiring story to go with the yarn. Stories are not going away, however, I am giving myself permission to think of them as separate necessities in my creative ream of inner-being. I write without making a colorway, so why can’t I make a colorway without writing. Many wouldn’t make a dilemma like this stop them, but I just needed timed to process through this fairly mundane decision. Below are some of my new colorways… and there are still more to come!!!

Also- I have started a new Plaid-i-pus collection. In the past week I have released “Mystical Plaid-i-pus” and “Punch Drunk Love Plaid-i-pus”, both beautiful, variegated colorways!

As for the KnittyGritty, I have been working on a pair of fingerless mittens for a family member whose hands are getting cold this winter. Personally, I believe this is the first year that I have been this disgruntled about the weather. I used to like the cold, and not particularly the hot summer. As the cold bothers me more, my time of year that is opportune for comfort is dwindling. Maybe this is why people move to Arizona. : ).

Fingerless Mittens In “By My Side”

For this fingerless glove pattern, I used the colorway “By My Side” in my Super Squishy Sock base. This is a pattern that I will hopefully write up in the next month or 2 and put on the website. The stitch count made some nice pooling with this colorway. My experience with pooling vs spiraling has been that it completely depends on the stitch count per row. If I had made this a little smaller with fewer stitches, or a little bigger with more stitches, the colorway would have wrapped itself in a spiraling pattern. Either way- I am happy with how it is turning out and I believe these will make a great gift- as would any knitting gift (IMHO)! Until next time- keep an eye for more colorways at, or on Instagram and Facebook.

Have a peace-filled week. – Jason – Scribbles and Knits Fibers

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What?!? I have a blog???

Wow- you would think by the looks of it, that I have not been regularly updating this blog. Well- you would absolutely be correct. I have been spending my yarny time delving down the color-carousel, working on new concoctions- that is for sure. I have also been working on patterns that I plan to update on this website in the near future. A DK weight covered mitten will soon be on its way!!! (See picture). This was created in a color palette specifically for my dear daughter, which will also be released at the same time as the mitten pattern!

Speaking of the color palette, I just released another colorway called “Sunflower” this weekend. It is comprised of a combination of earthy and bright yellows and greens, with specks of dark brown to represent the seeds of this beautiful flower. My long term goal is to produce an earthy collection specific for matching tones of color found in nature. Currently I have two different colorways that are apart of the earthy collection; “Lemongrass” and the new “Sunflower”. (pictured below)

If you have any suggestion as to what would be a good direction for the earthy colorways- tell me in the comments below.

As for this blog- I would definitely like to produce more updates to inform everybody of what is going on with S&K. S&K continues to be a passion project, which allows me a creative outlet in my busy life of family and career. I am grateful for what I have in this endeavor. I enjoy interacting with other knitters of the world and find knitting and dyeing a rewarding activity that brings me joy and relaxation. Until next time- Happy Knitting! Jason

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Knitting Meets CPAP

While sharing this post feels somewhat personal, it also opens up a topic in which I might be able to help others. That personal note is that I use a CPAP. I have used one for 2 years- and honestly- did not even realize how bad of sleep I was getting from sleep apnea until I rested through the night with this awesome machine. I know some complain about using theirs- but not me. It has made a great difference in my fatigue. Now that we got that personal note out of the way- what does CPAP have to do with knitting?!? Well- I have discovered over the years that some of the strapping and plastic tubing feels somewhat plastic-like, or silicone-ish on my face. So I decided to do something about it.

I created sleeves for my CPAP tubing. As you can see, I used one of my many favorite colorways- Deceptive Magic for this project. Not only does it create a unique and creative flare to the mask, but it honestly feels great as a soft and absorbing interface against, well, my face.

If you are looking for a pattern- it is as simple as casting on 10 stitches (with DK Weight, 14-16 stitches with fingering), splitting them and joining them using magic loop with 5 stitches (7-8) on the front and 5 stitches (7-8) on the back of the loop. And just as if you were making the worlds smallest hat, begin knitting in the round. Continue until you reach the desired length and then bind of the stitches using a lose bind-off. Then, simply slips it over the mask tubing. 1 inch tubing works well for the mask, while a 1.5 inch tubing would work well for the actual CPAP tubing. If your tubing is larger- add a few extra stitches. I finished the above set in a short evening.

If you use a CPAP or know of a loved one who does, this could be a nice bonus gift or a simple- “hey-try this out and tell me if you want me to knit you more” project. A soft merino wool feels so much more comfortable against my skin and has kept me from feeling swampy compared to the plastic-silicone feel that I was experiencing before. Also- as is recommended with my CPAP equipment- I believe regularly washing this will help keep it clean for my face and reinvigorate the softness of the wool over time.

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Favorite Part(s) of Dyeing Yarn?!?

This venture of dyeing yarn has been a fun and explorative sort of journey. Aside from finding the right balance of color combination and layering (which I find extremely rewarding), it has also been a fun activity of building different stories or themes around each colorway of IMG_1777 2yarn. It is not uncommon for indie dyers to name their yarn a unique name, but one thing that I like to do is provide a narrative of the story that each colorway builds upon.

In many ways this makes the colorway personal to me. I don’t necessarily want each buyer to feel that they have to keep the story that I give this yarn. It really is the beauty of it all. That while each colorway might speak to my own novel (fiction or non-fiction- I enjoy both genre’s), it may also provide another person the opportunity to create their own story around the colorway of the yarn.

While I know this may be a little to “artsy fartsy” for some, in fact for me, it is definitely an area of, well,  joyfulness. Throughout so much of my day I make connections with other people. This form of making something so that somebody else can enjoy it too is just another way that I am able to make these connections. The knitting community has been and continues to be a supportive community in my experience- both locally and on the interwebs. I want to continue to foster these connection in the art that is knitting.